We’re installing a new HVAC System:
time to multiply our blessings!

Dear Friends, 

I am thrilled to announce this “Loaves and Fishes Moment” at All Saints. We’re installing a new HVAC System and we need to multiply our blessings. A new HVAC System at All Saints has been a dream for many years, even prior to my arrival. And now, it’s happening: our beautiful, ancient worship will be buoyed by a modern HVAC System. We will worship, sing, gather, and celebrate in warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. And we will preserve the aesthetic of our beloved building while maintaining a constant environment for our beautiful organ. 

Why now? This moment? Because after many years, in just the past few months, we have found the right partners—Heapy Engineering and North Mechanical Services, Inc.—with the creative solution to meet our requirements. An HVAC system designed for our beautiful old church is complicated. We need a system that will be invisible, although we don’t have a basement to hide ductwork. We need a system that is nearly silent so that we maintain the gorgeous acoustics of our space, preserving a resonant building for the beautiful music that we so love. In short, we need to preserve what makes this church a sacred space of beauty and meaning while providing comfort to all who enter.

The solution, as you probably imagine, is an expensive one. The good news is that we have a great deal of the funding in hand. We’ve already got the foundation to begin the work, nearly 70% of the funds. Now we need to raise the last 30% to get the job finished. Truly, it is time to multiple our blessings, and we have the means to do so.

The system will cost $336,000. We currently have $231,000 in the bank, a combination of funds left from our last Capital Campaign and three generous donations. That leaves a deficit of $105,000. To be safe, we would like to raise $120,000 to cover any unexpected costs and to design beautiful grates to cover the niches in the church that are currently covered in plywood. 

Luckily, we have a donor who is offering a $60,000 match. Every dollar you give will be matched up to $60,000! That’s a 100% return on your investment!

Because the contractor needs to begin work immediately if we are to have heat this winter, we must move swiftly. The Vestry has approved that we begin this work with North Mechanical Services, Inc. as soon as THIS Friday, September 15 with the plan to be finished by mid-November before winter cold sets in. 

We want to end this campaign by September 30 with the intent that all commitments would be paid in full by the end of 2017, so, in turn, we can pay North Mechanical as soon as the work is finished. 

A note about pledging:

Any gift to the HVAC system is above and beyond your pledge to All Saints (our annual Pledge Campaign begins mid-October). Your pledge is what makes our annual budget work. It is a deeply faithful commitment to the Good News of All Saints and all the line items that are associated with the operations of running the church. If you are unable to make a separate gift for the HVAC campaign without reducing your pledge, please maintain your pledge and forego the HVAC project. We are ever grateful for your generous pledge!

On a personal note: 

Friends, the HVAC project has been under discussion since our last Capital Campaign over a decade ago, it has been on my “to do” list since I first came to All Saints five years ago. Like you, I value ancient worship here at All Saints, and yet it is time to have modern heating and cooling! This is an important way to offer welcome, hospitality, and comfort for ourselves and for newcomers, and it is a way to care for this place that we love so much. To that end, Tracey and I have committed to giving $1000 to the HVAC fund. Would you please join us? 

This is a Loaves and Fishes Moment in the life of All Saints. Your gift will be multiplied by 2; and all who enter will rejoice in the continuing beauty and comfort of our space.

how can I donate?

You can donate here (please note that this donation is for "HVAC" in the special instructions of PayPal). You can also fill out the form that will be in the bulletin this Sunday and next. Or you can send an e-mail with the amount of your gift to Bob Hogan our treasurer at treasurer@allsaintsindy.org

I know you will have lots of questions. Please see the links below for more answers and background. Please always feel welcome to call (317.635.2538) or e-mail (rector@allsaintsindy.org) me. 

Please know that this is the most generous congregation I know. Over and over again, I am amazed at how quick you are to help. Over and over again, I hear from visitors how welcoming we are. We now have an opportunity to be generous and welcoming by making our beautiful church building a comfortable place for worship in all seasons. Please join in transforming a few loaves of bread into overflowing baskets so that all may be warm! 

Faithfully, Mother Suzanne+