Episcopal Church of All Saints

1559 Central Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46202


Rector email: rector@allsaintsindy.org

Office email: admin@allsaintsindy.org




Solemn High Mass

Sundays at 10:00am (70-90 minutes)

Low Mass

Wednesdays at 6:00pm (30 minutes)


Second Thursday of the month at 9:00pm (20 minutes)

Holy Days as Announced



There is ample free parking on both sides of Central Avenue. Disability parking spaces are directly in front of the building.

What is worship like?

Worship at All Saints blends ancient traditions with a modern perspective. Candles, incense, bells, and chant are all part of how we experience God in our church (at least on Sundays…Wednesdays it’s just the candles). At the same time we use modern language to clearly communicate the inclusive Good News of Christ. 

If you are joining us for worship, feel free to participate fully or to whatever extent feels comfortable. Our worship service bulletin can guide you.  We think it is fair to say we worship with all the senses. The incense and bells, the music, the words we sing and speak all embody our desire to love and serve Jesus Christ with heart, soul, mind, strength, and courage. Let go of the world and let the rhythms of the worship envelop you.

What should I wear?

Come as you are: dress up or dress down. Business suits, jeans, shorts, and sandals are all fine. The colorful vestments worn by the clergy are visual reminders, symbolism of art and action working together to remind us that we are part of something much greater: a tradition that began before us and will continue after us.

Who is welcome at All Saints?

You are. In the 1950s, All Saints was among the first Episcopal Churches in Indianapolis to integrate (the sign over our door saying “Everyone is Welcome” dates from that era). In the 1970s, we were the first Episcopal Church in the country authorized to ordain a woman as priest. In the 1980s we opened our pews to give the homeless a warm place to sleep during the winter, a ministry that became part of the Dayspring Center, an independent shelter for homeless families to the south of the church. And in the 1980s and 90s many in Indianapolis’ gay community found a home at All Saints as we were one of the few churches in town willing to minister to those suffering from AIDS. So trust us when we say that whoever you are, we want you here.

What do I have to believe?

As a church, we believe in the faith passed down through scripture, the creeds, and the tradition of the historic church. But we also know that faith and doubt are companions, not enemies. All Saints is a safe place to express doubt, ask questions, and deepen your faith over time in the company of God and the fellowship of a friendly congregation on the same journey.

What facilities do you have for children?

We have a Church School staffed by volunteers on Sunday mornings as well as a nursery for children 2 and under. Children rejoin their parents during communion. The Sunday School takes the summer off. Baby changing tables are located in the downstairs restrooms in the parish hall.

What facilities do you have for those with disabilities?

In our 100-year old building, our facilities are as accessible as they can be. The church building is wheelchair-accessible, and an elevator provides access to both floors of the parish hall. Disability parking spaces are directly in front of the building.

How do I become a member?

Baptism is the means of entry into the church. Through baptism we symbolically begin our new life in Christ. That’s why our baptismal font is near the main entrance to the building. We know we don’t have a monopoly on Christ, so the Episcopal Church recognizes baptisms from other Christian traditions. Whether you’ve been baptized or not, come visit with us for a while, see how you feel here, and when you’re ready to take the next step, talk to our rector.