Gratitude and Giving

There are many ways to share your gifts. Whether it’s time, talent, or treasure we are grateful for the support that helps All Saints continue to spread the good news of God’s love. We strive to continue to grow our vibrant ministries. We care for those in need. We seek to find ways to invite others to witness the abundance that is God’s economy.

As a church and a community of faith, we would be remiss if we didn’t ask that you consider how you might contribute financially to this small kingdom of God at the corner of 16th & Central. Do you worship with us regularly? Do find comfort and inspiration listening to the sermons online? Have you wanted to help a neighbor and not known how? Are you inspired by our arts events, educational classes, or music program?

Whether for worship, outreach, programs, or a reason wholly your own, we are grateful. Thank you.


General Offering

Your contribution, however large or small, helps cover operational expenses and keep our various ministries alive and thriving.


discretionary fund

This dedicated fund provides immediate support for local individuals or families in times of crisis or need.  Discretionary funds allow us to provide local or parish families with grocery or fuel assistance, help children who need school materials, or enable an individual to undergo a needed medical procedure.


Programming Funds

Some of our programs, like Arts @ All Saints, are self-supporting and thrive on donations and gifts.


Altar Flowers

Every Sunday our worship is graced with the offering of glorious flowers to the Glory of God and in remembrance. We are reminded of the Saints beside us and the Saints before us when the offering is in gratitude to a loved one.


Annual Pledging

Pledging encourages us to live a life of Christian Stewardship. As Christian stewards we recognize that all we have is gift from God.  The Annual Pledge Program operates on a calendar year. Ways that pledge donors give include: weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. You can write checks, make a pledge online, or authorize a systematic e-checking or bank/credit card deduction for the pledge.



Need to make or amend your annual pledge? You can send your updated pledge information by filling out this online pledge card.