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In churches of the Anglican Communion, such as the Episcopal Church in the United States, altar servers are called acolytes. At All Saints, men, women, and children are encouraged and welcome to assist at the altar. Our acolytes serve on teams. In keeping with the ancient traditions of the Church, the senior member of each team is called the Subdeacon. Other members of each team are the Thurifer, the Crucifer, the Torchbearers and the Boat Bearer. Altar Servers are trained by the Master of Acolytes, who is appointed by the Rector.

altar guild

The Altar Guild of All Saints is dedicated to serve Christ by joyfully and reverently preparing the altars for all services and to assist the clergy in order to enhance the worship experience of all who come to All Saints. The Altar Guild is an excellent way to serve for those who want to be involved in the services but would rather do so “behind the scenes".


Arts @ All Saints is a self-supporting group that features musicians, artists, visual arts, lectures, dance, and partnerships with organizations aligned in the mission to explore faith and engage community.


The choir at All Saints provides music every Sunday which significantly enhances our beautiful and meaningful liturgy.  Rehearsals are held every Thursday evening and Sunday morning before mass.  Additional irregularly occurring services include choral Evensong and Benediction, special feast days, and weddings and funerals.  A smaller choir of six to eight people sings a Compline service at 9 PM once monthly.  

In all of these endeavors the musicians of our parish have one goal: to serve God, the Church, and our community through the beauty of holiness and the holiness of beauty.  


The Columbarium is for the interment of the cremated remains of past and present members of the parish, immediate family of those members, and former clergy having served on permanent staff or as affiliated clergy of All Saints, and/or their spouse. Other persons may be granted burial rights at the sole discretion of the Vestry.


The Communications Committee strives to tell the All Saints story inside and out!  So much happens at All Saints, but it takes all kinds of effort to get the word out in all the different ways we can — social media, newspapers, brochures, email, web, audio/podcast, slideshows, announcements at the service, etc.


All Saints likes fun times, solemn times, and what-the-heck-let’s-just-have-a-get-together times. The events committee is responsible for refreshments and the general set up of many of these events. Throughout the year the events committee will host the Mardi Gras Celebration, plan and set up the Agape dinner during Lent, plan the fall picnic (and wrangle a grill master) plus many other events, soirees, and just get-togethers throughout the year.

flower guild

All Saints is blessed to have a professional florist and designer as the Coordinator of the Altar Flower Guild who trains volunteers as part of his ministry. About six volunteers from the parish are trained on-site or at the Coordinator’s place of business and learn by ‘doing-along-side’.  As is customary in many other churches, persons who wish to donate altar flowers as a memorial for someone or as a thank offering for a birthday, anniversary, or other intention, contribute to the Altar Flower Fund and state the intention.


No rules - no pressure! Growing with knitters, inexperienced and skilled, the All Saints Knitting Group comes together to knit for fun and fellowship.


We practice “altar-centered social concern” at All Saints, which means that what we do, what we receive, in worship we try to take out into the world. In worship we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, forgiveness of sins, an awareness of God’s ever present grace and mercy, and we experience the joy of communion with God and one another. Thus, we are called to extend that love, grace, and mercy to our neighbors in the world. We do that by participating in mission with the larger Episcopal Church and our Diocese of Indianapolis. In our own parish, we engage in outreach in a number of ways. We gather food and goods for local organizations, especially The Damien Center. Each month, we serve a meal at The Dayspring Center (a shelter for families experiencing homelessness) and cook “to go” meals for homeless youth and clean the drop-in center they use at Outreach, Inc. Since the beginning of the Indy Pride Parade, we have marched and sponsored a booth; in the past few years, we have helped coordinate a number of Episcopal churches to join us in the parade. Each summer we host a huge yard sale in our front yard to provide quality low-income goods to our neighbors, and we give away the profits to local Episcopal-affiliated charities. Recently, we have welcomed a refugee family from Syria and joined the efforts of Faith in Indiana, an interfaith group that works for social justice in Indianapolis.

parish endowment

The Episcopal Church of All Saints is blessed with a generous membership whose gifts of cash and property help sustain its financial needs. The Parish Endowment team maintains appropriate stewardship of all gifts, cash and property, and will follow a disciplined path in receiving and/or disposing of such gifts with the understanding that these gifts are to be used to glorify God.

PAstoral care

Providing pastoral care for those who are sick, homebound, grieving, or celebrating is at the heart of our parish. When there is a death, a serious illness, or hospitalization, the church should be contacted immediately; note that there is a phone number on our church’s voicemail to contact the priest “on call” in case of emergency. Anyone who would like to receive any of the sacraments, especially Holy Communion, Reconciliation (confession), or Unction (anointing and prayer for healing), and is prevented from coming to church should contact the Rector. Lay persons in The Episcopal Church may share in the privilege of distributing Holy Communion not only at Sunday Mass as chalice bearers, but also to our homebound members of the Parish and the residents of nursing facilities and hospitals. Training is given for this Ministry throughout the year in different areas of the Diocese. Healing Prayer is available during Mass, where a lay minister will pray privately with anyone for a special intention and anoint them with holy oil.  


Have an interest or a passion you'd like to share with others? Start a Pop-Up Group! Don't know where to start? Meet with the rector to brainstorm ideas.